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22 May

A volumetry show by GIAMBATTISTA VALLI

Summer on the way, so let’s make it … COUTURE! Or in other words, unforgettable. Because couture is an expression of art into fashion and each and every collection is an expression of surreal and unique ideas which often write history.

A collection presented digitally last January during the Paris Fashion Week is the one from Italian designer Giambattista Valli. A show of volumetries inspired by his love for sculpture and universal world culture. Even though the times when the collection was released were still under the spell of the pandemic restrictions, Valli wanted to dedicate his ideas to those forever in love with couture designs.

Every gown from the show seemed like an entity holding its own story. As Valli stated, he just followed what the fabric had suggested to give each dress a strong sense of identity when looking at its volumes.The designer got his inspiration from Sevilla where Spanish and Islamic cultures coexist and create a world’s new cultural trend. One where flamenco flounces are mixed with translucent veils and pink – sandy pastels mix with strong reds and blacks.

The collection speaks about the universality of things, about how creativity from one part of the world reaches other ones from very far away to give life to the the most beautiful things.

Evolution has always been, it is and will always be about exchange. Or just like Giambattista Valli stated for his SS21 couture collection: “…. a dress conceived in Seville, in the mind of a boy from Rome, created in an atelier in Paris, and worn in a ballroom in China…”

Brand: Giambattista Valli @giambattistavalliparis Photos: IMAXtree @imaxtree Article edit: Fashion magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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