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28 Sep

Such a “Brooklyn Haze”

A spectacular idea materialized by a creative team in an artistic neighbourhood of New York has been brought to life and now featured in the pages of FM24 .

We love to call it the “Brooklyn Haze”, as the editorial transcends from reality to an illussion.

Featuring model and actress Luana Seu as the “main character”, dressed by designer Steven Daniel and lensed by the vision of Japanese photographer, Ryusuke Kobayashi in the artistic Brooklyn, the editorial is speaking about a mood that mingles fashion with the idea of cinematic snapshots.

Each photo looks like a framework from a Hollywood movie scene speaking about life, energy, exquisite fashion, feminity, mistery, hope, trust in a great future and joy in the same time.

Brand: Steven Daniel Design Talent: Luana Seu Agency: Etoiles Models
Photographer: Ryusuke Kobayashi
Hairstyling: Luana Seu
Location: The Tea Factory, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York

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