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26 Sep

Eyes on DANIELE NIBOLI at MFW 2019


Between bullfighters and señoras the collection by Daniele Niboli is a homage to the flamboyant charm of Southern Spain.

The vibrant atmospheres of a nocturnal Andalusia permeate the Spring/summer 2020 collection signed by Daniele Niboli. Vivid and bright scenarios that, with their flutters and charm, are able to catch and upset the viewer.

Just like the garments standing out of the surrounding environment and showing us a real creative pathway rather than just a stylistic research.

A sartorial and diverse collection capable of perfectly mixing different fabrics and fits creating unprecedented matchings, as the unexplored can give birth to a new balance.

Men’s and women’s suits feature a uniform cut and loose volumes and are characterised by cropped splits and breaks, just like the floor-length trenches in pinstriped organdy, coated linen and calfskin.

The young boys and señoras appearing in the pictures of the book Torero by Ruven Afanador are portrayed late at night when the burning summer sun goes down beyond the curtains drawn in the alleys and makes way for the shutters raised in bars de copas.

The wide and comfortable volumes of the coats go hand in hand with skin-tight shapes where draperies and asymmetries evoke the sensuality of the body.

A new and underground Spain shows through, where even the images don’t simply show the garment but also create a mood, a travel book, because wearing clothes is a bit like travelling.

The colours include natural white and linen, bronze, black and red wine. The traje de luces, the traditional bullfighter’s jacket, is used in the cuts and shapes of the coats.

The technique of devoré gives a 3D effect at various levels: while calfskin makes way for a soft nappa leather, the shirts’ and suits’ silk satin shows us a glimpse of the body silhouette, just like the jumpers whose structure is kept together by tiny transparent yarns.

Pinstriped suits feature uneven cuts and a hand-made frayed hem leaves space to an organdy lining with the same pattern that completes the garments’ fitting.

The key collection print is the Venus comb murex, the shell that charms with its peculiar shape, placed as if to recall the lines of a ribbed structure on misdyed backgrounds with bright red and military green Gothic shadows, but also laser prints stand out on denim and are redesigned in embroideries.

Through his Spring/Summer 2020 Collection Daniele Niboli creates an experience of eye sense rather than showcasing a clothes collection.Dive into his bronze/reddish universe through the virtual tour of his presentation and show pictures.

Photo by www.vittoriolafata.it
Photo by www.vittoriolafata.it

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