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9 Sep

GAMMON LIFE – A Fashion & Performance “Marriage”

Starting the autumn season in style is something we fancy so to keep the fashion flow going, readers must take a look and enjoy a brand we love: GAMMON LIFE. A conceptual brand that embraces everyday life with sophistication, character and practicality.


Gammon´s outerwear is young and dynamic offering style but also comfort. The contemporary jackets are conceptualised around technical fabrics designed via advanced anti-wind and water free technology. The heat-sealed seams and the air intakes guarantee optimal internal temperature preventing any adverse weather conditions to interfere with your daily life.

The jackets are contemporary and offer an all season look thanks to the removable heat-sealed seams transforming the winter jackets in to a stylish and light mid-season outerwear optimal for warmer climate.  The transforming garment is lighter, softer and perfect for any weather:  at sea, city walking, motorbikes excursions, hiking.

This brand marries fashion with performance indulging into bright colours and palette that match any skin colour, providing the right urban edge on any style. For every jacket, Gammon proposes matching bags that vary in size made with fabrics that offers exactly the same technical performance.

It is an idea born by the necessity to marry style, urban design and utility.  It is Fashion to Use. It is not Use for Fashion !

Credits: CEO: Alessandro Sandri Communication and Image manager: Gianmaria Liccardi Talent in pictures: David Habibi

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