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19 Apr


2nd of March 2020 – A beautiful set of images shot by Japanese photographer Yusuke Shiiki.

Yusuke Shiiki’s beautiful images of Matilde Canuti at Geoffrey B. Small‘s Freeze Frame in Paris wearing the new hand-built titanium Monocoque Aviator collaboration eyeglass created by Geoffrey B. Small and Rigards. 

The design is part of a bold new first collaboration with one of the optical world’s most respected handmade eyewear creators that proposes to change fashion direction and set a new hyper-quality standard in optical design to match GBS clothing using extreme handmade technology, impeccable design, and the very best materials from nature (no plastic). 

Crafted from a single block of pure titanium, ultralight at 6 grams with zero soldering points, featuring ZEISS lens and exquisite sculptural lines and stunningly beautiful detail, the exclusive new design takes a classic aviator shape to a whole new level of dynamic elegance and collector’s investment value and will be available for fall/winter 200 exclusively through Geoffrey B. Small and Rigards authorized fashion and optical dealers worldwide.  

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