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13 Nov


MARIA BA – Spring Summer 2020
Maria Barreca is an Argentinian fashion designer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2015. Since a very young age (13 years old) she knew that she wanted to study design and have her own universe. In 2012 Maria had her first job at the prestigious Argentinian Luxury brand Fabian Zitta, where she worked for two years. After finishing school and presenting her graduate collection, she decided to go for more and
moved to London where she worked for Roberta Einer and later on, Huishan Zhang.

These experiences marked Maria and the designer she is today. Not only did she discover the different aspects of the industry itself, but also how to carve a path in a much bigger and complex world than what she had experienced in her hometown.

Behind the brand
MARIA BA. mapped out its signature style, finding inspiration and direction through the mixture of different influences. The design process often starts with a material or an aesthetic inspiration like an image, an emotion, a silhouette. Hand-embroidery decorate specially sourced fabrics, creating playful, romantic pieces. The collections often incorporate folds, drapes, asymmetric pleats and exquisite detailing.

Each piece is created to bring something new, special and lasting into the world. The focus is put on true statement pieces tailored with strong lines, a feminine personality and a sense of quality that endures, season after season.

Our Values
‘As a conscious brand, we believe in treating animals and their habitats with respect. We promote a cruelty-free philosophy and continue to innovate ways of creating sustainable materials.Some of the actions undertaken is to turn the back on leather, fur or feathers in the collections, as well as creating one-of-a-kind fabrics that are as luxurious as they are conscientious. This sense of responsibility and forward thinking is present when we design our collections and manufacture the clothes.
Fair trade is also an important value within Maria BA, sourcing locally and having a close relationship with suppliers ensure an on-going control over the supply chain, supports the work of artisans and empowers their communities.’


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