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1 May


NAYA REA fall/winter 19 – ‘Wintersong ‘ collection

Complex and decadent; the wintersong aesthetic is captivating and thought-provoking. Where traditional textiles are the most striking elements, the collection exhibits padding, quilting, ruching and ruffles. Handmade floral prints create a naya rea nostalgic flair and Chekhov-like ambience.

This season, the designer employs her signature casual chic and pluralist aspiration; a fairytale world of contemporary minimalism. A profound sartorial message is conveyed by a simple colour palette and clear, subtle silhouette lines. Warm and full garments supply feelings of content and wellbeing. Graceful and soft; the melody of the wintersong collection will linger in the air this lustrous winter – to the enjoyment of fashion and music lovers.

Photos by Odda Bakkeli Eide @odabeide

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