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13 Jun

Neofuturism with ART POINT Vienna

Fashion, fantasy and futurism – the three words that describe the theme of Art Point Vienna brand.

Founded by Russian designer Lena Kvadrat by the end of the 90’s in Russia and continued from 2001 in Vienna, Austria, the Art Point brand creates wearable clothes presented on the runway in very conceptual fashion shows embedding “unwearable” accessories and details, making everything resembling more to theater stage performances.

Almost like a metaphor to the duality of fashion, the Art Point designs are meant to change the perspective of the way we perceive each fashion piece, free the imagination from fixed patterns of ways you can wear a garment and give more independence and courage to bring new ideas of combining fashion items in your daily looks.

Photos from the Flying Solo presentation during Paris Fashion Week 2020

Brand: Art Point Vienna @artpointvienna Press Team: Flying Solo @flyingsolonyc

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