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25 Jan

SVENCUM at Paris Fashion Week 2021

Being and Time – Fading lonely, we are natural !

The year 2021 comes with fresh energies and, no matter what, Paris Fashion Week is always there to materialize and showcase them in front of all fashionistas of the world.

The January Men Fashion Week comes with many restrictions but designers are unstoppable in creating new collections, virtual fashion shows and exhibitions for their upcoming warm season of 2021.

A brand that successfully “ticks the box” of the present January Men Fashion Week is SVENCUM.

Inspired by Martin Heidegger’s ‘Being and Time’ , Svencum SS21 advocates a philosophical approach to a design dedicated to a fresh form on linen fabric and tailored form-fitting styles to sense the psychology of space exploration between crafts, human body and contemporary human relations.

Founded in Paris by Junyan XU in 2020, Svencum is a conceptual menswear fashion label which seeks to maintain a balanced outlook on life and purse the radical romanticism. Moving between the words of art and design, the designer uses philosophical narrative of the common wardrobes as the starting point for each collection, through its exclusive pattern language with woodblock print and unique sewing crafts each season.

For SS21 collection, the designer carvered and created a series of 6 exclusive woodblock prints, following Japanese traditional aesthetic system. Svencum developed a unique printing technique to express the awareness of impermanence and the ephemeral nature of beauty.

Brand: Svencum @svencum Press: R Studio Paris @rstudioparis  


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