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2 Feb

The Mystical DIOR

In the end we all have … Magic. Whenever the times are challenging, all you must do is look for the Magic of life …and everything can change. And most of the times the magic can come to the surface only by doing a self introspection.

At least this is what the feeling is while admiring the last Haute Couture collection from Dior signed my Maria Grazia Chiuri.

With soft, warm colours, models looking like Dukes and Princesses and a setup resembling to a Renascentist painting, Maria Grazia Chiuri created an intimate, mystical mood to express the theme of her designs.

The entire collection of the House of Dior is a state of the art born from the look for Magic we all need in our lives to reborn after the nowadays times … like a Phoenix bird.

Brand: Christian Dior @dior Press: Imaxtree Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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