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3 Jun

‘The Outsider’ by LGN

Inspired by Albert Camus’s famous novel, Louis-Gabriel Nouchi unveils a more personal summer collection in reflection of current events.

Published in 1942, ‘The Outsider’ traces the story of an ordinary man, Meursault, confronted with the absurdity of existence and the human condition, starting with the announcement of his mother’s death and culminating in his conviction for murder a year later.

In order to capture this season, LGN imagines the set of a great literary dinner with friends : a relaxed atmosphere where subversion and drama intermingle. The scenes intrigue and a cliffhanger looms, like a film noir in a David Lynch aesthetic.LGN asserts again its visual signature in this sequel to its previous campaigns.

This season, photographer Ismael Moumin and artistic director Adrien Simon Poznanski reinterpret the classic «Parisian» summer evenings expected to return soon in the social scene.

Evening clothes, suits, loose and colorful shirts … the brightly colored sets transform into a series of black and sober outfits in an atmosphere of increasingly darker visuals.A choice by stylist Andrej Skok to highlight and accentuate this transition between the convivial dinner and the mysterious paintings taken from Camus’ story.Beyond the elegant coats, we are also made to feel the importance of exposing the skin, of stripping bare, a signature obsession at the heart of Louis-Gabriel Nouchi’s creations.

In this spirit, the eclectic cast of this campaign mixes fashion models Lamine Faty, Ryad Bouregaa (The Claw Models), Romane Grèze, writer Simon Johannin, actor Ilian Bergala and the creator’s friends Leila and Joséphine.

“I like those evenings where different people come together in moments of joy or in more difficult ones … It is this variety in life that I assert and of which we have been deprived.”

Brand: Louis Gabriel Nouchi Photographer: Ismael Moumin Art director: Adrien Simon Styling: Andrej Skok Make-Up: Vanessa Bellini Hair: Delphine Bonnet Film: Léa Madonia Light: Jules Martin Studio: V Studio Models: Ryad Bouregaa (The Claw) Lamine Faty (The Claw), Romane Grèze, Simon Johannin, Ilian Bergala Leila Nour Video: Joséphine de Longueville Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24 FM24 Photographer & PR: Olga Gasnier @olgagasnier

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