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12 Jul

‘Thumbelina’ by YANINA COUTURE


YANINA Fashion House presents its new collection YANINA Couture FW 2023/24: Thumbelina

On Tuesday 4th of July 2023 at 3pm, Yanina Fashion House unveils its new couture collection with a video
premiering on Youtube.

YANINA Couture FW23/24 collection is a new take on the fairy-tale narrative that beauty always wins the day. This season, Yulia Yanina’s protagonist once again fearlessly ventures beyond her charmed fairy-tale world to experience the vibrancy and abundance of real life. She is Thumbelina, born amidst the blossoming of nature’s unrivalled beauty, who sets off to conquer the world and explore its myriad

The collection’s concept revolves around the core of a boundless range of colours that comprises an endless bewitching pattern and the artist’s primary source of inspiration. A flower is not mere creation of
nature – it epitomizes dreams, genuine beauty and joy. This is reflected in the flowing silhouettes, bold
voluminous elements, and contrasting details. The traditional black-and-white palette, which Yulia Yanina always masters with ultimate expertise, is delightfully blended with a vivid palette of rich scarlet, turquoise, green, azure and noble graphite hues in this season’s collection.

Fairy-tale characters inhabit this colour scheme: Thumbelina, who emerges from a lush coral bud into the hazy dawn sky with soaring swallows and rays of sunset painting the charmed forest in all shades of magic. Each look of the collection is a unique flower, bringing together the designer’s tremendous flight
of fantasy and the triumph of beauty to create spectacular architectural compositions. Perfect forms and
Yanina’s signature inventions capture romantic moods and cloudless dreams of happiness.

Fabrics and decorations used in the YANINA Couture FW23/24 collection encompass delicate iridescent velvet and weightless mesh, as well as bright voluminous elements, elaborate handmade embroideries, and accent rhinestones.

Press & Photos: Autrement PR Brand: Yanina Couture Article edit: FM24

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