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21 Oct

Urban love with GAMMON LIFE

Via an innovative style and years of experience, Gammon gives a new interpretation to the rainproof garments, by launching a new concept of the men’s and women’s “fashion outerwear”.

The project combines fashion content and performance, creating extremely comfortable garments with a great aesthetic impact.

Gammon offers the perfect outerwear that protects from wind, rain and sun thanks to the use of technical fabrics, thermo-sealed seams of the latest generation and air intakes used to optimise the internal temperature. These garments  are suitable for the ‘any time of the day – style’ thanks to the meticulous attention to shape, fitting, colour and fabric that confers personality to every look.

The project has a strong, ‘urban’ spirit, because all the pieces in the collection have been conceived while thinking about life in the city (commuting, work environment, free time). Moreover, the garments are ‘no season’ thanks to the use of the completely detachable fur padding or quilting.

Gammon aims at an expert consumer, who is interested to add to its wardrobe a piece full of content at a competitive price. Gammon aims to become The Brand for modern and fashionable outerwear.

Photo Credits:
Photographer: Clara Melchiorre @claramelchiorre
Agency: Fisheyeagency @fisheyeagency
Male model: Thibaud Chevrier @thib.chev
Female Model: Dzvinka: @md_odrekhiwska

Gammon-life.it credits:
Creative director: Gianluca Licciardi @gianluca_licciardi
Ceo: Sandro Sandri: @sandrosandri72
Instagram social media Manager: Gianmaria Liccardi @giammy_81

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