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7 Aug

ZIAD NAKAD designs for little fairies

Make a wish and find a treasure…!

At least this is what Maison Ziad Nakad succeeded in his new collection entitled “Tiny Treasure” destined for little fairies. Ziad Nakad has decided to look into the cradle of little princesses.This is how the “Tiny Treasure” couture collection was born.

You will find everything you need for a royal trousseau created in the ateliers in Beirut. Silk, lace, satin, organza, nothing but the best for the precious princesses.

Refinement and elegance, trademark of fashion designer Ziad Nakad, is the essence of this collection.

Brand: Ziad Nakad @ziadnakad Press team: Mephistopheles Productions @mephistophelesproductions

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