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28 Jun

Art of New York – KRAVETS | WEHBY Gallery

Time for an art “episode” in the pages of our publication completed by an earlier visit this year to the Kravets|Wehby Art Gallery in New York City.

Situated on the 521 W 21st Street in Chelsea, the “artsy” neighbourhood of New York, the Kravets – Wehby Gallery is an exclusive gallery that showcases works from established and emerging artists who create contemporary art.

One of the art creators exposed in the gallery is Allison Zuckerman, a young artist from Brooklyn. We had the chance to admire her artworks showcased in the gallery at the time of our visit and we can state that we were truly amazed by all of them.

Each painting is an ecletic artwork of colors, modern ellements coming from the people’s daily routine, fashion and painting styles like pop-art, cubism and surrealism, all of them centered around a main figure which resembles with a burlesque character reinvented to adapt to the year 2020.

With an impressive attention to details and a sense of putting colours together in a complete harmony, Allison creates within each painting a synesthetic spectacle for the watcher. Each of the artworks is a complex reunion of ellements which succeed to express altogether the multitude aspects, necesities and pleasures from people’s lives.

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