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25 Oct

Art Stop – BARTOUX GALLERY in New York

8th of September 2019, Manhattan, New York – A walk to Central Park would have had a different ‘destiny’ than just a promenade on a sunny day in the famous green and huge park of New York.

It has instantly turned to an art ‘pilgrimage’ in the well-known Bartoux Gallery situated minutes away from Plaza Hotel. As already known, contemporary artists and sculptors are showcasing their art in the Bartoux galleries all over the world (New York, Paris, Monaco, Courchevel, Cannes, London, etc.) offering a wide selection of artworks and paintings .

Once inside, you just get served with a true feast for the eyes! With pop-art as the main theme from all works in Bartoux ,you are immediately surrounded with paintings and drawings in bright, strong colours with modern 3D ellements but representing very deep human, social and spiritual messages – a contrast very much used in this current.

The art buyers can also choose sculptures from bright metal, statues and
decorative objects combined with modern, fashionable logos in the most authentic associations…works that are being brought to life straight from unaltered imagination but keeping alive the modern realistic touch. Just like the founder of pop-art, Andy Warhol, started it some time ago…

A quick overview below might boost your curiosity to go and visit your nearest Bartoux gallery…and enrich your art portfolio with amazing works.

Richard Orlinski – @richardorlinski
Annalu Boeretto – @annaluboeretto
Roman Feral – @romanferal
Julien Marinetti – @julienmarinetti
Findac – @Findac
Fred Allard – @atelier_fred_allard
Mr. Brainwash – @mrbrainwash
Fred Allard – @atelier_fred_allard
Mr. Brainwash – @mrbrainwash
Fred Allard – @atelier_fred_allard
Mr. Brainwash – @mrbrainwash
Fred Allard – @atelier_fred_allard
Bruno Catalano – @brunocesarcatalano
Roman Ferral – @romanferral

Photo: FM24
Location: Bartoux Gallery NYC (104 Central Park South)
Instagram: @lesgaleriesbartoux

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