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30 Oct


‘ The world is unchanging. But if the angle changes, the world changes.’

1st of October 2019, Paris , France – ANREALAGE welcomes a wide public of for its Spring-Summer 2020 “ANGLE” collection fashion show .

Kunihiko Morinaga blurs the boundaries of 2D and 3D, recasting Instagram fashion images IRL and translating digital distortions into surrealist, wearable garments.

Preppy classics – chinos, raw denim, beige trench coats, navy blazers with crest patches, blue Oxford shirts, argyle knits, houndstooth coats, pleated skirts, white logo Ts, and cricket sweaters –parade by three by three, each one reproducing a different visual angle as if viewed from above, below or the side.Asymmetrical pieces twisting around the body and spilling forward on tops or curved, shortened hems underscore the notion of visual perspectives.

Western classics adopt Japanese lines in wraped, reconfigured
constructions.Strong shoulders on a triangular club blazermeets-kimono telescope to a narrow waist, as if seen from above, while sleeves knot like an obi belt.

The high concept extends to the smallest details, from the morphing gradient scales of belt buckles and buttons on blazers and shirts to accessories with a new kind of slant, like flat canvas totes, quilted leather handbags, and pins and earrings shaped like side views of sunglasses and rings. In today’s digital-junkie world, what’s real or virtual, normal or anomaly, trompe l’oeil or sleight of hand is all simply a matter of perspective.

The music was produced by Ichiro Yamaguchi (Sakanaction/ NF) and Shotaro Aoyama (NF). Using theremin in the part of the music they reinforce ANREALAGE’S concept with a live performance.(Playing without touching the instrument is The Theremin’s biggest characteristic.Its two antennas emit weak electromagnetic waves, and the sound changes in
response to the distance and area when approaching them. As if it were a three-dimensional solid object, the world’s oldest electronic musical instrument produces a sound that distorts dimensions by changing the position of the hand.

Anrealage show from Paris managed to bring a fresh perspective both to the classic style and the futuristic one by combining the two in the same collection.

The fusion brings to life the concept of old and new coexisting in the greatest harmony, any ‘Angle’ you choose to look it from .

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