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25 Jul

“Un Sorriso Romano”

“Rome is a city of echoes, the city of illusions and the city of yearning” …. a famous quote by Renaissance painter, Giotto di Bondone, expresses perfectly the inner vibe of the eternal city of Rome. A place on Earth where history, beauty and art have always been in a continuous creation.

Ancient history, art, beauty, fashion, cinema can be seen and felt in every corner of the city. A reason for which Italian photographer Francesca Amanteri has picked a beautiful, bright day in Mignanelli Square, close to the Spanish Stairs to lense the beautiful Italian actress, Claudia Zanella.

Starting as a model and continuing as an actress, Claudia was directed by important Italian directors such as Gabriele Salvadores (in “Qui Vadis Baby”), Giovani Veronesi (in “Love Manual”) and Marco Bellocchio (in “Weddings Director”). Her vibrant personality, her elegance and charm remind us of the divas of yore which inspired Francesca to capture her 1950’s glow in a poetical city like Rome. A fashion conscious star, Claudia is also a graduated scientific naturopath and also wrote a book for healthy nutrition advices for Sperling & Kupfer edition. The actress is now filming the last series of Fabrizio Costa, “Fosca Innocenti”, and other projects which are going to be unfolded soon.

The series of photographs created by Francesca Amanteri come as a lightful invitation to discover the naturalness and personality of the actress and the unique vibe of eternal Rome.


Photographer:  Francesca Amanteri Stylist: Sara Leoni Actress: Claudia Zanella  MUA: Cinzia Carletti Hair: Carlo Tessier Location:  Piazza Mignanelli, Rome Dresses: Atelier Persechino, Just Cavalli

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