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ART BASEL ’21 – It’s a wrap!
Art Basel Miami Beach and the leaders of the world's fashion trends ...
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29 Jul

The “First Squad” by Julien Fournié

July 2021, Paris, France – On a bright sunny Parisian day under the fashionable “spell” of Fashion Week, Julien Fournié presents once again his Haute Couture collection via an online film presented in the frame of an exclusive physical event where our FM24 team was happy to attend and admire physically the exquisite creations proposed by the designer.

After having explored this media for the past two seasons due to the pandemic situation, he is chosing a film this time to match the theme that has inspired his collection. Merging his lifelong admiration for superheroes and his pioneer spirit in the field of new technologies, Julien Fournié is fascinated by the aesthetics of video games. They have grown more and more popular in the past years and are developing to new levels of creativity.

“Via their avatar in an online video game, the players first test the actions they cannot accomplish in real life. But they continue to play for everything they discover about themselves and how they can relate to other players online” says the French couturier.

“The dreamlike dimension of style is best expressed today in this area of video games,” declares Julien Fournié. “Why couldn’t we introduce the refinement, the quality and the elegance of Haute Couture as a new vocabulary in the fascinating frame of online games? They are opening up gateways to new worlds for us to conquer.”

At a time when fashion trends are directing ready-to-wear brands to trivialize their looks, Julien Fournié suggests once again to “Find Your Legend” using a completely different approach. This time, the couturier achieves it through the 16 archetypal characters which embody the values he cherishes for his eponymous house.

One of his legends, for instance, called “The Ballerina“, embodies vulnerability, a quality dear to Julien Fournié who declares: “Only when you accept your vulnerability, can you really become stronger”. “The Spy“, another character in this video, represents strategy, discreet charm and intelligence. “The Empress“, expresses authority, glamour and power.

To embody each of these 16 characters, Julien Fournié has included his usual models and muses Michaela Tomanova and Angeliki Tsionou, but also two film actresses and one male athlete. French film actress Audrey Fleurot plays “The Empress“, the boxer Guillaume Hauet unleashes his power as “The Bouncer” and the Belgian actress Déborah François transforms into “The Fury“, in the hands of Julien Fournié, who evolves himself into “The Wizard”.

Transformable looks, precious and raw materials, embroidery and feathers, new day bags and rucksacks, are combined to highlight a group of completely different personalities who come together to give life to the Julien Fournié essential tribe, his “First Squad”. This is where each person alchemizes with their neo-avatar to give maximum impact to their style and showcase their true identity.

Brand: Julien Fournié @julienfournie Photos & Press: L’Appart PR @lappartpr Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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