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13 Mar

A couture experience – Julien Fournié

January 2020, Paris, France – The Haute Couture week in Paris always represents an incursion into a world where designers mingle art with fashion to create the most extraordinary fashion creations. Haute Couture is about complexity at its finest, it is about imagination processed into details, it is about bold design ideas looking rich and fabulous.

A collection as a true definition for FM24 idea of Haute-Couture is the one showcased by Julien Fournié during Fashion Week entitled ‘FIRST CONQUESTS’. Julien Fournié presented a wide array of feminine cuts, princess-like dresses and skirts, large pants, with vivid patterns, colours and classy shades. Looking at each presented dress, the impression given was that of a movie trailer where each model represented an individual character from European history.

Brand: JULIEN FOURNIE @julienfournie
Show Management: L’Appart PR @lappartpr
Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad @catwalkshows

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