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30 Jan

ADORE ME … on Valentine’s Day

It’s the last winter month so the reasons to be happy are double: spring is coming right after it and before that there is another festive day all couples wait for to party and celebrate – Valentine’s Day on 14th of February !

And of course, fashion brands cannot wait to come out with special collections created in the name of romance and love – the very best case of Adore Me lingerie e-commerce company.

Started in 2012 by Morgan Hermand-Waiche during his days as an MBA student at Harvard Business School, Adore Me has already established a very strong customer base of over 11 million women who are already dedicated clients of the Adore Me wide offer of fast-fashion, affordable and inclusive intimates.

This particular Valentine’s Day collection is about celebrating all types of love. Whether that is relaxing with friends or celebrating with your significant other, there is a set for every occasion!

The fun and flirty styles mixed with some of Adore Me favorite whimsical prints were made for Valentine’s Day or even at home spa day for one.

You can also have some dramatic and romantic pieces for the perfect date night where red hot bows and strappy pieces dominate.

Where can you find Adore Me? All products are one click away from the brand’s website www.AdoreMe.com, the mobile app … or if you happen to be in New York or New Jersey do not hesitate to visit the Adore Me stores and enjoy their Valentine’s Day intimates collection….and not only!

Models: Maggie Rawlins, Taelor Thein, Ingrid Medeiros
Photographer: Ben Watts

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