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12 Mar


Spotted during Paris Fashion Week 2019 at Vendôme Luxury showroom hosted at Le Meurice Paris: Aurélia Belliti, a French newcomer with an eye on Millennium Class !

Clean lines, refined designs and rare materials,a smooth touch of luxury and a taste for pastels… Aurélia Belliti shies away from flashy looks and takes her inspiration in timeless elegance to restore a quantum of couture style for “Webshionistas”.

” A collection not just for women, but for ladies ” – Aurelia Belliti

Aurélia Belliti is a Parisian fashion designer. At her beginnings, she
designed custom-made outfits made of a range of fabrics from prestigious
luxury houses.

The young designer did not pursue a regular curriculum in a fashion school… She has shaped a personal view of modern classicism away from the codes of flashy luxury. In this world without logos or obvious features, luxury speaks for itself.

Gowns are draped exceptionally with timeless refined lines… The aristocratic silhouette is enhanced by a collar or sleeves – both are key
elements in the collection – that give presence to the final look.

Aurélia Belliti combines a sense of simplicity that comes from her education – which she said was very formal – with a true “joie de vivre” represented by vivid and bright colors.

Both are two sides of the same coin.
“A garment can dress and undress you at the same time”, she said. The
Aurélia Belliti woman is blooming; she is stylish, delicate and bold. She loves life and wears it with grace.

Discover the elegant world of Aurelia Belliti designs in her shop from 110 avenue Mozart 75016 Paris!

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