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10 Mar



Georgina Herrera, jewelry designer from Kansas City, debuted her 2019 collection in Paris, France this week at the Ritz-Paris on February 27th, 2019. Her precious jewelry collection amazed the public with rich pieces inspired by traditional indigenous pieces.

Included in her collection was the Penacho Halter piece that caused the room to audibly gasp when model Noelle Manica stepped onto the runway.Herrera designed the collection with indigenous cultures in mind. Her piece, Agila, shimmered with gold and jewel tone colors at the throat of model Tierra Johnson.

Noelle Manica wearing the
Penacho Halter

Herrera creates one-of-a-kind pieces for runway shows and then tailors the design for ready to wear pieces. All of Herreraʼs jewelry is sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver. She sources her gems from all over the world, and the crystal that she uses is from Swarovski.Both polished and sanded, her metals are a mix of shine and texture. Herreraʼs background is the foundation for her creative process and design style.

“The respect and admiration that I have for the Mayans and indigenous peoples gives me my strength because they see the meaning in everything. Those traditions that continue today are based on the ingenuity of these people and I have a great respect for their culture.”

While Herreraʼs designs are modern there is a traditional quality that the observer feels as well. The closing piece in her Paris fashion show this season was an example of her passion for mixing modern style and traditional story telling.

Having her team of models walk the red carpet and fashion show runway in Paris was a milestone that Herrera had been planning. She continues to make a strong impression and connections world-wide.

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