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1 Apr


The New Face of Lingerie and Subscription Swimwear

Beauty N The Box is a new brand in the lingerie industry with a very different concept and unorthodox approach which is all set to disrupt the lingerie industry with its own set of rules.Beauty N The Box created by founder Tony Washington is the new wave of lingerie!

Instead of wearing a common brand to fit in, the lingerie pieces at Beauty N The Box are designed to fit every woman’s personality and body type at the same time. Beauty N The Box is a lingerie dreamland, created to inspire, encourage, and empower women to be happy in their own skin!

Being the new kid on the block in the subscription lingerie business, we wanted to make sure our first impression was one that lasted” said the spokesperson of BeautyNTheBox, while talking about the inspiration behind this fashion platform. “We knew we needed to create an online destination that would lead you to an undeniable adventure, and one that would allow women to explore their intoxicating femininity.”

It is with great excitement Beauty N the Box is currently announcing they are also in pre-production of their first major feature film.Teaming up with award winning producer Lyle Howry and Skinfly Entertainment, in association with producer Martin Washington and Insta Famous Films, Beauty N The Box will be branding their high end clothing line in the film currently titled “INSTA FAMOUS”.

So stay tuned to all BeautyNTheBox news from their surprising and unique lingerie creations to their big screen soon to appear film and the brand’s upcoming fashion show during Cannes Film festival from May 2019.

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy their special designs in the pictures below taken during the last Paris Fashion Week 2019.

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