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5 Apr

Contemporary Vintage with TATRAS Fall-Winter 20/21

1st of March 2020, Paris, France – First day of spring enlightens Paris Fashion Week with the colourful and exuberant show of the Fall-Winter 2020-2021 new Tatras collection in the theatrical location of Le Centorial.

Holding on tight to the passion of helping fashion lovers curate a wardrobe that combines luxe with on-trend styles stepping out of the conventional, the new Fall-Winter collection takes its fans to a journey through time.

With a vintage influence assembled in contemporary designs, Tatras makes its public assist to a theater of life where you travel through time between experience and experimentation, nostalgia and hope, past and present…

Designer: TATRAS @tatras_official Photographer: Olga Khlybova @aglography Photographer Backstage: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad @catwalkshows Photo Assistant: Serguei Chatel  @serguei_chatel Press Team: TOTEM FASHION @totem_fashion

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