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2 Mar

JENN LEE at London Fashion Week 2020

The Wild Woman Awakes – Girls! Be wild! Be creative! Be passionate!

The Autumn Winter 2020 Jenn Lee collection aims to awaken the wild woman inside every female. 

Inspired by the 1992 feminist book “Women Who Run With the Wolves,” designer Jenn Lee wanted her debut at London Fashion Week to promote female empowerment. The collection explores modern issues around contemporary women who are still bound by traditions and stereotypes within our society.  Designs encourage the belief that clothing should promote a positive message and encourage self confidence.  

“Brave, not fear, discover extraordinary things” – influenced by the idea of traditional Chinese foot binding, Jenn Lee used a draping technique along with multiple layers of deconstructed fabric to create voluptuous outerwear. The silhouettes see abstract distortion on Qing Dynasty inspired robes, whilst fastening plackets and strings cris-cross to create an ultra sporty and modern look throughout. The use of shiny jacquards with dragon patterns and a coin totem print is reworked in a punk fashion, which takes the collection from East to West. Looks are paired with coin earrings, necklaces and belts made in antique bronze to further reinforce the idea of mixing new with old. 

Female empowerment runs at the forefront of this collection, and both social and environmental responsibility are key. Jenn Lee works with pioneering Taiwanese group, Gao Lin Cultural and Creative Foundation to collect a large number of defective and obsolete women’s under garments and fabric that would otherwise go to waste. An innovative combination of recycled plastic and coffee pulp woven into material along with these discarded fabrics are given new life in Jenn Lee’s collection of beautiful, statement garments that also keep our planet in mind. 

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