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17 Oct

‘Kiss a rainbow under your skin’ – ALIANNA LIU

28th of September 2019, Paris, France – In the somptuous Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, the French designer Alianna Liu has showcased her Spring/Summer 2020 collection. A collection inspired by the cats nature, their delicacy and refinement.

This time, Alianna explains her vision to the world by using her own source of inspiration. She finds the feminine silhouette the key between the collection and the female body. It has given the audience the sensation to represent a confident and independent woman image, as the brand identity is described. By combining luxurious soft fabric with a touch of transparency, this collection is trying to bring out the natural beauty of modern femininity, a certain softness, and grace, or an ambitious and inspirational figure.

Recognizing the emotional impact that the right colors can have in design work, the color was enriched by the intensity of rainbow senses, leading to a more balanced and vibrant feeling. The embroidery technique and hand drew prints connected directly to the personal aspect of the collection. The ruffles are everywhere, communicate a romantic attitude that highlighted each attire. 

Every piece from the SS 2020 collection is designed particularly to stand out from the crowd. The shapes of the pieces perfect for striking a look that people will notice and appreciate. Each detail gives the audiences for feminity sophistication, elevating them to the status of high fashion, that is a belief from the brand designer.

Enjoy Alianna’s world and embrace her statement of utmost feminity, strength and romance !

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