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22 Mar

Welcome to the LANCEL universe!

26th of February, Paris, France – The brand Lancel has opened its Fashion Week wings to welcome fashionistas with a nice evening party at their flagship store from Place de L’Opera.

The host of the evening, Marie Flore, the new french Pop sensation, played live and Agathe Mougin, was doing the DJ Set.

Notable guests, fans of the brand, influencers, photographers and artists (Jenifer, Maeva Coucke, Alice Dufour, Francois Vincentelli, March Ruchman, Eugenie Derouand, Alexia Chardart, Deborah Grall, Alice et Moi, Anthony Colette, Alice Barbier and JS Roch , Kenza Sadoun El Glaoui, Margaux Avril, Elena Carriere etc…) did not miss the chance to spend a cosy evening socialising about fashion and admiring the Lancel latest bags collection.

Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad @catwalkshows Photo Assistant: Serguei Chatel  @serguei_chatel

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