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21 Mar


1st of March 2020, Paris, France – An Italian design company faces the challenges of the Coronavirus during Fashion Week. Geoffrey B. Small’s “Freeze Frame” opens in Paris.

Geoffrey B. Small’s “Freeze Frame” opened on 1st of March in Paris during one of the most challenging presentation seasons in the history of fashion. The members of the GBS design team were barely able to even create and complete the new collection as the firm battled through the unprecedented new challenges of the Coronavirus crisis in Northern Italy.

The highly detailed extreme handmade technology collection pushes advanced sustainable design, product innovation and differentiation to a whole new level along with a fluid, improvisational Paris presentation created by the worldwide realities of the Coronavirus situation that is now being rolled out from the design firm’s exclusive appointment only showroom space in Paris using digital communications, live-web worldwide buyer operations and highly restricted physical access to the space in order to minimize risks to large gatherings. The firm’s long-time muse, Milanese model and influencer Matilde Canuti is being featured in a series of mini-photo essays shot by the designer that forms the basis of the image campaign for the collection being distributed on social media.

Geoffrey B. Small is a pioneering American avant-garde designer who lives and works in Italy. Since 1993, he has shown more fashion collections in Paris than any other American designer. His company based in the Veneto region of Italy is recognized as a world leader in extreme handmade clothing technology and sustainable practices. Freeze Frame is the firm’s 111th collection presented in Paris and is dedicated to “maintaining the art of making great clothes by hand for human beings even in the most difficult and challenging of times” and is being presented with many thanks and appreciation to all of the firm’s employees and suppliers as well as the government and health authorities of Italy, France, Europe and the world Community who have maintained calm decision-making under enormous pressure while at the same time taking extraordinary measures when and where needed to maximize safety for all of us.

New handmade supersuit in L.Parisotto silk & wool hand dyed stripe with advanced fringe  technique details developed by GBS design team member David Wild for Freeze Frame.  Handmade Italian ultra-sustainable super trainer shoes by G. Rebesco for GBS. 
Matilde Canuti in the Freeze Frame showroom in Paris between shooting takes. GBS x Rigards titanium glasses.
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