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17 Oct

Peace & Unity at ARAB FASHION WEEK

Arab Fashion Week
HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SIXTH DAY OF ARAB FASHION WEEK WOMEN’S READY-TO-WEAR SPRING SUMMER 2023 – After the Big Four set of Fashion Weeks, Arab Fashion Week which took place during six days in Dubai Design District brought in front many designers willing to bring a change in the industry.
The last day of Arab Fashion Week Women’s kicks off with messages of Peace and Unity.

Sustainability and ethical fashion continue to take center stage on the catwalk of Dubai Design District.

Arab Fashion Week closes with record numbers and a palpable boost to the local economy.
Emergency Room
“We need humanity, more than cleverness… life will be violent, and all will be lost” read the screen at Emergency Room’s “Borderline” show. With a name that stems from the belief that the world needs to drastically change its wasteful ways, the Beirut-based sustainable, and ethically focused brand portrayed a united world where flags are obsolete. On the runway, a series of white pieces, hand printed with various visa stamps represented the different countries designer Eric Mathieu Ritter and his team have visited. Elsewhere, the collection focused on pairing up-cycled denim with white cotton and mish-mashing sports jerseys, knitted sports scarves, and polyester flags, to usher in the upcoming World Cup.
Image courtesy of  Emergency Room
Image courtesy of  Emergency Room
Iranian designer Mohammad Amin Pour Eskandarian’s everyday couture boutique in downtown Tehran visually conveys the everyday impact the Middle East’s crisis has on everyday life. Here at Arab Fashion Week, a series of genderless designs were indicative of a world in transition. Velvety, floor-sweeping dresses fashioned with hoods and fanciful layers were crafted to facilitate a wide range of movement and activities. On an emotional note, the brand said that its embroidered sewing technique infuses each item with a tree-trunk feel, inspiring viewers here to contemplate the world beyond the fashion industry.
Image courtesy of  Zardouz
Born in Exile
Since leaving Libya in 2014 upon the outbreak of civil war, Libyan designer Ibrahim Sheban has used his designs to remind the world of the undiscovered beauty of Libya, his eternal muse. “His latest “Never Love Me Again” collection is composed of irreverent designs, leather jackets, trench coats and an updated kandora demonstrating how society is rapidly evolving. A mosaic tile print emblazoned onto a mini skirt and jacket ensemble, a fanciful sun dress, and a tracksuit conjured the architectural treasures of Libya.
Image courtesy of Born In Exile
Silk abaya-inspired ensembles awash in a palette of Arabian sunset-to-sunrise colors sashayed down the runway to the tune of a heritage soundtrack. After six days of international shows and new perspectives, it was a refreshing reminder of the region’s origins and the creative mystique that emanates from the Arabian Peninsula. This time, the simplicity of the abaya came to the fore, consciously enhanced with sartorial elements like trench collars, fringe details and innovative textiles and prints like polka dot and architectural tile motifs.
Image courtesy of Louzan
Slimi Studio
Unapologetically fierce, Slimi Studio churned out a collection of spandex designs bright enough to light up the night sky. Laser-cut bodysuits, miniskirts and leotards were paired with oversized puffer jackets. Amped up with gathered sleeves and asymmetrical cuts, the collection embraced couture heritage with eye-catching feather detail and romantic drapery.
Image courtesy of Slimi Studio
Death by Dolls
London-born, LA-educated Sara Al-Saud’s Death by Dolls runway injected the last day of shows with a Hollywood club vibe. The brand that has dressed megastars like Britney Spears and Beyonce returned to Arab Fashion Week with rule-breaking designs like barely-there bandeau tops and lingerie-inspired ensembles. A child of the punk 80s, Al-Saud continues to stand by her vibrant, bright colors, anything shiny and sparkly, intense textures, even among her more modest looks involving denim jackets and her hijabs.
Image courtesy of Death By Dolls
The Giving Movement
An urban palette of grey, black, and white set the tone for the last show on the Arab Fashion Week roster. The Giving Moment, the Dubai- LA- KSA brand pioneering ethically made, sustainable athleisure and streetwear, unleashed a collection mirroring the faces and figures walking the Dubai streets today. Hijabs, silky pajamas, utilitarian track pants, tees crisscrossed with hiking straps, and models clad in workout gear closed the curtain on one of the most dynamic fashion weeks.
Image courtesy of The Giving Movement

Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24

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