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Show must go on – Welcome 2021!
Happy New Year from Fashion Magazine 24!
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31 Dec

Show must go on – Welcome 2021!

What a year 2020 has been!

A stormy year marked by the pandemic which brought so many changes in the social scene and the way people see life.

Although it has started with high creative energies in the first two months of January and February, it was hardly hit by the coronavirus right after that and from March until the very present people all around the world have experienced lockdowns, restrictions due to the necessary protection from the virus and new ways of working and spending their free time.

Suddenly people were swept away from their usual freedom in order to stay safe and had to reinvent themselves in many aspects to continue their evolution.

The stay-at-home days during the covid-19 curfew took away the freedom of movement, of traveling anytime but taught everybody that a good book can take you anywhere in time and space. People have discovered new passions, ways to be creative and stay active like: drawing, painting, indoor exercising, reading a lot, expanding the cultural views through the internet access and so on.

Fashion was one of the fields that felt a big impact from the pandemic as the restrictions have stopped the posibilities of organising big fashion shows or projects with a large number of people altogether.But it still found its ways to continue.

Therefore, fashion weeks became hibrid meaning that some fashion brands have organised digital shows, some photo shootings happened through facetime and celebrities, fashion lovers, modeling agencies and not only discovered the TikTok platform as a portal to the world to make very creative video content, to scout new faces, to promote brands successfully or to just have a lot of fun!

So, as hard and turbulent 2020 has been, people used their capacity to adapt, face the changes and keep the vibe flowing towards a brighter future.

With powerful lessons learned and values reconsidered, we all walk towards 2021 wiser, stronger and more creative while being grateful for the present.

Show must go on … Welcome 2021 and Happy New Year!

Article by: Fashion Magazine 24

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