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3 Jan

“Madame Skandale” by SEYIT ARES

2021 is here and big steps continued to be made after a year of change!

Despite the fact that times have been like never before, ambitions grew and fueled fresh ideas on the fashion market.

A brand that flourished and has also showcased digitally its latest Spring-Summer 2021 collection during Paris Fashion Week is Seyit Ares. Seyit reflected in his newest collection “Madame Skandale” the past and current situations with a call to action to stay strong and to look forward to a better and brighter future. As Seyit says it:

“The last months were really about finding ourselves, understanding us and embracing us. My desire is to put people into the spotlight and to empower them, by giving them self-confidence and to make everyone feel beautiful in their skin. “

His muse Marys has embodied that feeling throughout the show and represented the mysterious emancipated woman of the brand Seyit Ares.

Seyit’s collection was a passionate and thoughtful celebration of vibrant colours, tailored pieces, leather and metallic fabrics, big belts which are key aspects of his designs. The collection overall explores a notion of freedom, touching on multiple different interpretations of that concept – a freedom of Seyit Ares, a visual representation of identity, of shared embraced values, a way of thinking.

It was a powerful illustration of how Seyit elevates people into a statement…

Brand: Seyit Ares @seyit.ares Production: L’Appart PR @ lappartpr Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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