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Fashion is a state of mind – ELMIRA MEDINS
Luxury brand Elmira Medins in its showroom from Paris ...
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5 Jan

Fashion is a state of mind – ELMIRA MEDINS

Fashion is a state of mind, fashion is a universal language, fashion is a society reflection. A worldwide phenomenon created by people and for the people where each brand chooses its own part to play.

This time the focus goes to Elmira Medins, a luxury brand based in Paris which has welcomed its guests to admire the 2021 Spring-Summer collection in their showroom from Avenue Victor Hugo during Paris Fashion Week.

Elmira Medins addresses its designs to women who love pure luxury. She succeeds to meet a wide array of interests with its creations ranging from evening gowns, cocktail dresses, business deux-pieces to accessories, shoes and bags. Designed in Paris and produced in Italy from the highest quality materials, Elmira has expanded her network of shops in the UAE and Spain.

With love for exquisite craftmanship, detail, elegance and feminity, Elmira has added her own personal art-deco style to all her creations. Every piece she makes either it is a dress, a handbag or a pairs of high-heels has a unique touch of contemporary and retro shapes and details.

Just like Elmira states ….“Fashion is not about dressing, it’s a state of mind.”

Brand: Elmira Medins @elmiramedins Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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