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20 Nov

You can leave your HATS FOR SEX on!

Pandemic times on the roll but imagination is unstoppable and show must go on! The perfect phrase to describe the ongoing flow of events of the year 2020.

Right before the lockdown in Paris, a sensual show took place in the special and inspiring location from Serpent a Plume. It was the Hats for Sex presentation by Iva Ksenevich.

A glamorous spectacle mixing theatrical moments that reminded of the legendary cabaret Moulin Rouge with dancing performances highlighting the avant-garde fashion hats, the “cherry on top” ellements of the entire show.

It was all a blast, the public enjoyed every second of it while feeling the immense power of wearing a great accessory like a hat and specifically falling in love with the entire collection Hats for Sex made by Iva.

Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad
Production: Fashionview @fashionview.eu Choreography: Maeva Gautheret @maevarouge
Dancing team: @immjdmdji @thalia.provost @carla_bourges @marionpntr
Shibari show by @dirtyvonp with partnership @lecoledescordes and model @angeii_
Hats: @iva.ksenevich
Costume design by talented: @asya_griga
Underwear brand: @iwantyouiwy
Assistant: @anna.couture.paris
Millinery assistants: @hugo.cornut @jean_grabisch_ Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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