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18 Jun

AELIS Couture SS ’21

A collection with a message much shared nowadays, Aelis Spring-Summer 2021 by Italian designer Sofia Crociani is a “fashionable” response to the world’s needs for adapting more and more to a behaviour synchronized with ecology.

Like many brands have done in their recent past and present collections, Aelis SS ’21 has fueled its theme from nature as the best way to point the idea that we, as inhabitants of this planet, must take good care of the nature and environment around us.

Mixing ellements to remind of experiments done on spiders for medical or industrial researches in the 1960’s, of French researcher Virginie Maris work about the decolonization of nature and her fascination for the bees behaviour, Sofia Crociani created a collection that looks simultaneously ethereal, vintage and feminine. The location and models theatrical movement in the digital presentation also support the entire collection idea of a deeper connection with nature.

Brand: Aelis Photos: IMAXtree @imaxtree Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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