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17 Jan

Beauty in diversity – MONIKA NDK

Fashion equality for every body! ” – The welcoming statement, the fashion motto behind a great new fashion brand embracing the beauty in diversity – MONIKA NDK. A brand that is 100% made in Italy by Monika Nendaka, the brand’s creative director, born in Belgium, originally from Congo.

As it can be seen, growing up between different cultures, Monika developed a strong desire from a young age to launch her own fashion brand which would address to every type of body and beauty.

Monika states “ I want to show that diversity in high fashion is a source of confidence, beauty is not defined by shape, size or color, it’s feeling like the best version of yourself! “

For her first season, the 3 brand ambassadors of Monika NDK were represented by women coming from Iran, Burkina Faso and Italy. And this is just the start. Monika will continue to include women who have different backgrounds and sizes in order to change the idea of beauty in the fashion world, especially in Europe .

The MONIKA NDK woman is strong, sophisticated and unapologetically comfortable in her perfect imperfection.The brand represents the multicultural woman that she is, mingled with the classic timeless style.

Each gown is made with the use of the finest fabrics: chiffon,tulle, silk, organza. The waistline and the hipline are emphasized to maximize the femininity of the women body. Her garments are precious and rich in details: the sheen of Swarovski crystals entirely sewn by hand, finely elaborated embroideries inspired by elements of nature such as flowers, leaves and butterflies.

The collection is 100% made in Italy and will be available in her showroom in Milan for Spring/Summer 2020.

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