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7 Dec

MARY QUANT – The Miniskirt Revolution

28th of November 2019, London, United Kingdom – Victoria and Albert Museum in London is the host of the first international restrospective of revolutionary and self-taught fashion designer of the 1960’s, Mary Quant.

You may know or not, but Mary Quant is the inventor of the mini skirt and short pants for women. She introduced in England the Chelsea trend so the mini skirts and short pants soon became a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe.

Bringing together over 200 objects from which many have never been on public display before, V&A Museum brought to public’s attention the impact and importance of Mary Quant in women fashion.

Mary Quant democratised and empowered women through her determination, ingenuity and unique personal style, which she exported around the world.This bonanza of an exhibition tells the real stories behind the iconic designer and how she changed the way we look today.

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