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2 Nov

One zip, One bag – ELBA Concept

October 2020, Paris – No lockdown can minimize the amazing Fashion Week times in Paris. The enthuziasm and strong will of all designers moved forward even in the nowadays pandemic and the fashion discoveries did not stop for one second.

The key word to describe many of the collections and accessories showcased during the 2020 September Fashion Week is definetely “versatility”. Meaning that creators have let themselves inspired by the present times to mix elegance and usability and create designs suitable for all types of occasions from evening cocktails to daily tasks.

A brand newly launched which captured the fashion lovers interest with the exquisite craft and beauty of its design is Elba Concept. A handbag brand dedicated to ladies who want to stay elegant from morning to evening with the same bag by their side.

Elba Concept‘s proposal is creative, fun and pragmatic. One bag is made of two pieces which can be zipped with a single move into a cool, classy bag. And the best thing is that the brand is offering a wide range of colours, patterns and materials for each of the two pieces that can be combined in many creative ways to match the personal taste of the lady wearing it. And if ever tired of a combo, the shopper can easily change one piece and zip it into a whole new bag in an instant.

Fun, versatile, chic and unique, Elba Concept is the revolutionary bag that adapts to every situation, every mood and desire. And everything is happening in just … one zip !

Brand: Elba Concept @elbaconcept Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine 24

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