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14 Jan

Plus-size Fashion Trends

How to choose the right outerwear for plus-size girls: tips and examples of models!

Creating an attractive image in the cold season is a whole art because you have to put on more than one layer of clothing, which does not add lightness and grace.

It is even more challenging for girls with curvaceous forms since outerwear can visually change proportions, increase volumes and add a couple of kilograms.

Fortunately, today designers have begun to pay much more attention to plus-size models, so girls with curvy shapes can just as well choose fashionable images for themselves as girls of model appearance. The main thing is to follow some rules.

Firstly it is very important not to avoid bulky items. Many people believe that bulky clothing will increase body volume one hundred percent. However, tight-fitting silhouettes will accentuate the excess much more and create stiffness and discomfort. And if there is space between you and outerwear, it will add freedom of action and develop a sense of contrast between your forms and outerwear, making you visually slimmer.

It is also not recommended to be afraid of color. Yes, black is slimmer, less easily soiled, but at the same time more formal and sometimes dull. Try to look at rich, rich shades: burgundy, blue, mustard, caramel, chocolate, sand. In a monochromatic format, this can look very advantageous. And if you want a bright print – take a closer look at the cage or “animal” shades (zebra, leopard). This season it is stylish and fashionable and looks not only skinny ones.

Should not ignore the men’s departments either. There are so many classic pieces that are suitable for women too. The men’s size grid is expanded compared to the women’s, and you can choose, for example, a straight-cut coat, and it will fit even better than women’s models, hiding the existing shortcomings.

The main, although not the most pleasant, thing is not to save. Buy things less often, but allow yourself more expensive models. High-quality composition and tailoring look much more stylish; in addition, many brands are now explicitly aimed at plus-size girls, but due to a specific direction, clothes are more expensive.

Now let’s take a closer look at the types of outerwear that look advantageous on curvaceous shapes.

Looks excellent on the girl’s plus-size biker jacket. Undoubtedly, it allows you to look slimmer. The main thing is to pay attention to where the bottom of the product ends: it should not be the widest part of the thigh. A turn-down collar, the asymmetrical zipper will create the desired effect – you will look slimmer and one hundred percent.

If you like to wear trench coats, choose a midi length. An excellent option would be a trapezoidal cut, which is relevant in the 2021-2022 season. This will adjust the silhouette by visually narrowing the hips and waist. If the core is already thin, emphasize it with a belt.

The coat is the most classic and familiar option. Like a trench coat, should tailor it to midi lengths. At the same time, the cut can be straight, or a robe coat, or even a cocoon coat (slightly narrowed towards the bottom). The last option is better for tall girls. Play on the contrast of volumes at the top and bottom: a voluminous coat and tight trousers will well lighten the figure.

A short coat is perfect for a curvy figure – a very fashionable and trendy version of this season. It is better to choose an extended cut below mid-thigh and combine it with jeans, a beanie, and boots.

We already cannot imagine the cold season without a down jacket. The most important thing is choosing a voluminous straight cut without unnecessary details. As for the length, it can be a shortened version, but it should not end in the broadest part of the hips or elongated – on the palm below the knee or ankle-deep. There should be air between you and the down jacket so that you will seem lighter.

Girls with appetizing forms should thoroughly approach the choice of a fur coat. Trapezoidal or straight cuts are best for wide hips. Length – again midi or just below the knee. Instead of massive collars, you should choose a model with a hood. It is preferable to choose a rich color of a fur coat.

Cheburashka fur coats, which are trendy this season, can add volume, but the main thing is the length of the product; the midi will stretch the silhouette and make you visually slimmer.

Actual sheepskin coats for overweight have many variations of execution, ranging from eco-leather, which can be matte or lacquered, ending with lining, different types of collars – turn-down, with fur trim, stand-up collar.

And there is also such an option as a blazer – a transitional choice between a coat and a jacket. Plus-size blazers models can be with a belt or a belt, which will help to emphasize the waistline and make the image more proportional ideally.

A cape will be original this season – a cape-coat or a sleeveless cape with unique cuts for the arms, which, thanks to an unusual amount, will be able to hide figure flaws.

In principle, any outerwear version is suitable for plus-size girls but subject to certain conditions. First of all, this is the length of the product, which should not end at the broadest part of your figure; midi or just below the knee is most preferable. And also, the color is fashionable and wealthy. The most suitable print is a cage.

Follow the recommendations, and you will look fantastic in any outfit. With the right choice of clothes, your curvaceous forms will become your highlight, and there will be no shortcomings at all.

Article by fashion journalist Anna Estrin @annieestrin Article edit: FM24 @fashionmagazine24

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