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2 Oct

Top Model Europe powered by ZAADY

An European contest, passionate future top models, an original, contemporary designer and a great creative team – these are the successful ingredients for a top editorial!

Passionate about fashion since his earliest childhood, inspired and rocked by several members of his family and in particular his grandmother, ZAADY launched his career and his brand from nothing with a broad and critical look at the fashion that allowed him to climb the ranks.

Creator, stylist, self-taught ZAADY has linked the timeless with the contemporary, thus linking the old generation to the new, to this cause that is called “FASHION”.

Thanks to his creativity and his inspirations, he is very quickly called upon by influential people to put his knowledge and experience into practice; thus becoming a fashion icon of yesterday, today and tomorrow, “must”.

Brand: Zaady @zaadycollection Photographer: Leslie Szmigielski @lszm22 Make-up & Hairstyle: Cristina Via @crismakeupbe, Zeno Marques Vita @zenomarquesvita Creative & Art Director: Fabio Anderson @fabio.anderson.europe

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