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24 Apr

Welcome to the Eco Parisian Luxury

Putting our lives on hold and refocusing priorities, last year has at least one thing to be grateful for – it turned our attention to what is the most essential. Showing us our vulnerability and dependence, 2020 made us more supportive of others and caring for the environment. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise that, much-discussed in recent years, sustainability has become a buzzword in the fashion industry these days.

Brands and consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious, giving much thought to how to minimize carbon footprint on the environment produced by the fashion industry – the second largest polluter in the world. The only comprehensive solution is sustainable production, which adopts ethical, fair-trade, and eco-friendly approaches, respecting social justice, animal rights, and ecological integrity. Along with long known trends like recyclable and swapping fashion, upcycling trend conquered the runway during spring/summer 2021, putting the brands which use bio-based and upcycled material in the limelight.

Boasting about being the cradle of fashion, with its inimitable sense of style and sublime aesthetics, Paris has become a welcoming home for such sustainable fashion brands today. To become a positive change in the industry, many gifted and inspired designers, with the help of innovations and clever use of technology, created their vegan brands in Paris.

Driven by a strong eco-awareness and desire to create minimalistic and luxurious handbags; that will stand the test of time, Nathalie Dionne launched in the heart of Paris THALIE – an innovative, digitally advanced, and sustainable brand. Being completely eco-conceived from the design to the distribution, the label Thalie is an active participant of the climate-positivity movement. In its determination to protect the environment and satisfy the demand for uniqueness and authenticity, Thalie uses only sustainable materials such as cactus leather (the Cactus collection), salmon leather (the Sushi collection), and upcycled leather (the Upcycled collection) manufactured with dormant stocks of leather from luxury goods industry. Captivating by their technological sophistication and contemporary ethical philosophy, Thalie’s creations take us on a spectacular journey to the enchanting 30s, reinventing an opulence.

LIRONIE is a high-end sustainable brand recognized by its skillfully handcrafted pieces, which reveal their vibrant personality through noble materials and original designs. Creations of a talented designer and founder Sofia Lombardo are luxurious handbags with Parisian charisma and Mexican heritage that deliver Haute fashion right to your home, honoring ethical values and crave for individuality.  As a reflection of a Parisian elegant and long-lasting wardrobe, Lironie presents its versatile, fashion-forward handbags with their original feature – metal clothespin clasp – the best way to style up an outfit, projecting personality. Every piece of upcycled leather is delicately picked by Sofia; therefore each bag is made to order one of a kind delight designed to be worn and cherished for years to come.

Born from a tender passion for history, art, and nature, in a splendid blend of modernity and nostalgia for the early 20s, elegant and harmonious label DOLA creates its gorgeous sustainable deluxe handbags made of raffia, cotton, and flax. The founder and designer Olga Regnier, inspired by enigmatic, sensual, and multifaceted woman’s nature, designs her chic and timeless pieces to become a woman’s best friend, to who she entrusts her secrets, thoughts, and feelings. By her collection Mira, Olga transfers us to the French Riviera with its white sand and admirable sunsets, igniting a poignant melancholy of the end of summer. Dola is more than a label but is a witty play of contemporary feminine beauty and deep-rooted strength and wisdom.

Showing loyalty to local, sustainable brands not only minimizes the carbon impact on the planet but also supports the community, creating more jobs in the sectors and stimulating innovations. In its turn, buying local gives you a significant advantage, satisfying your need for out-of-the-box ideas and unusual twists on traditional things.

Brands: Thalie – @thalieofficial Lironie – @lironie.official Dola – @dola_france Article author: Katherine Bykovets – @sandcastlepost Photos by: Olga Gasnier – @olga.gasnier for Thalie and Dola brands;  Axel L – @axel_lsl for Lironie brand Models: Marcy Skye – @marcy_skye, Aurelie Lacombe – @aurelielacombe_, Adeline Petit – @petitadeline, Anaëlle – @anaelledugue Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 – @fashionmagazine24

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