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22 Apr

Winds of Freedom – ETRO FW21

ETRO FW21 Women’s collection – inspired by two free spirit artists: Rudolf Nureyev and Jimi Hendrix!

The ETRO FW21 Women’s collection was unveiled during Milan Fashion Week on the 26th of February 2021 and the video presentation by indigitalimages.com – IDI PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEOGRAPHY was broadcasted live on the brand’s official Instagram account.

Beautiful Zona Tortona in Milan – once an industrial area turned into an art and design district, was set up as a catwalk illuminated by decorations of Paisley motifs.

The British-German artist Arlissa Rupert performed live from Los Angeles and invited us to enjoy the show by listening to her songs about the broken rules of love, about lessons, plans, dreams and hopes, winds of change and finally about the power of togetherness, bringing a note of sensitivity to the show’s soundtrack.

As surprising as it may seem, Veronica Etro – the creative director of the luxury brand, was inspired by two men, in (the making of the collection/ drawing this collection)? designing this women’s collection: Rudolf Nureyev and Jimmy Hendrix, – two legendary figures whose universes influenced her to create a story of a free spirit and a rebellious attitude.

Since 1968, Etro is a fashion house which always celebrates freedom as a value, promoting the concept of a free woman / designing/ promoting an image of a free woman.

Freedom today is defined by the desire of self-expression, and the label’s color sensibility along with its extraordinary craftmanship meeting a dynamic attitude are evoking an independent spirit.

A great fan of ballet dancer Nureyev, Gimmo Etro, Veronica’s father and founder of the house, was a collector of the artist’s personal items. So, this season, the precious motifs and the geometric intarsia knits from the collection are inspired by the elegance of the Russian Ballet.

The upholstery patterns and tiger prints on the robe coats and the street puffers are the influence of Jimi Hendrix’s exotic world.

Washed jeans, hoodies, casual pieces as well as bombers and parkas – items rarely seen in Etro collections, add a touch of streetwear appeal to the collection.

The magic of the night is embodied by fringed blazers, and indie style evening dresses in the brand’s non-conformist and independent aesthetic. The mini and maxi dresses are worn with metal buckles belts and the men’s inspired suits in brocades are proposing the iconic paisley jackets matched with corduroy baggy pants presenting tie dye motifs.

The collection is embellished with bright accessories and the Etro bags are showing the iconic Pegaso detail, defining a nomadic spirit. Discover the new great vision of the Italian house and watch the full stream of the Etro FW21 womenswear show on their official website or on their Instagram account.

Brand: Etro @etro Photos: IMAXtree @imaxtree Press & PR: Miruna Popa Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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