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25 Jun

Interview with Olga Ferrara

A friendly chat about any good topic is always a good opportunity to share and exchange ideas which can help and grow an entire community. And when it comes to fashion, things are no different.

Especially that fashion is a portal which can impact social changes in revolutionary ways and fashion lovers are the ones who can press the start button through their work of promoting beauty, trends and …. good habits.

This time we have Olga Ferrara by our side, a fashion influencer, stylist and editor from New York City, one of those game changers who motivates people to change their shopping style and acquire healthy shopping habits.

Olga’s blog is packed with the latest trend updates, handful beauty tips and inspirational outfit ideas. In her looks Olga harmoniously blends a luxury aesthetic of high-end items with an allure of outside-the-box pieces from indie designers.

She reckons street fashion as a melting pot of skate culture, hip-hop fashion, modern high fashion and haute couture, which enables people to let their imagination run wild and reveal their true selves. 

1.Fashion Magazine 24: Hi Olga! The time has finally arrived for us to talk and exchange some friendly views about our much-loved fashion zone.

Olga Ferrara: Hi FM24! I am very excited about it especially that we are dealing with these times when a little bit of “habits reconfiguration” can, without the intention to sound clicheistic, literally make the world a better place.

2.FM24: Yes, it is very true. Let’s tell the readers a little bit about you. One word about yourself would be…?   

Olga: I would have to say “Unique”. In the sense that i stick to my values and sense of beauty in all aspects of my life. Including my look.

3.FM24: Your definition of “fashion”  is…? 

Olga: Fashion for me is “self-expression”. The clothes, accessories and the colours you choose should speak about your personality even if they respect a dress-code of a certain context.

4.FM24: What are the most fashionable city for you, your favorite style/brand and your “Must-Have ” item? 

Olga: For the first topic the answer comes right away: my favourite city in the world is Paris. In Paris you have both the roots and evolution in fashion, you can see beauty in every corner of the city, it is the place where you can feel the “la vie en rose” lifestyle like nowhere else in the world.

Regarding brands….I have so many loved ones it would take too much time to name them. But what i can say is that my “must-have” items are the bags and shoes. For me no top look is complete without them.

5.FM24: Your wish for the future of the fashion world would be …?   

Olga: I dream of a more transparent , sustainable and affordable fashion.

I trust in the longevity of clothes and i advice everybody to stick with what they have in their wardrobe – Don’t rush to toss the broken piece, see if you could repair it! Give the pieces you have a new life, donate, sell, swap, recycle. Prevent your clothes from landing in a landfill.

I also support and encourage designers to stay mindful and use eco-friendly materials ( hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester – the products labels mention all these materials etc. ). In my blog i encourage people to support brands that adopt an ethical approach and socially responsible methods across the globe.

All of us have their fair share in our contribution to a noticeable change in our world, let’s make this change for better!

6.FM24: Thank you, Olga! So many valuable suggestions, tips and ideas to keep being fashionable while staying mindful about the environment.

Olga: Thank you, aswell, it is very important for me to make my voice heard and bring a strong contribution in the fashion community. Cannot wait for the next lovely chat with you!

Influencer: Olga Ferrara @olgaferrara_ny Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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