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30 Dec

2023 … we are ready!

The 31st of December 2022 – we are all starting the countdown towards 2023 ready to pop the champagne for a brief new start on the 1st of January …

2022, what a year you have been… 

After 2020 which came as a tester year for all humanity and a 2021 when freedom hopped on and off in our lives trying to escape the chains of 2020, 2022 arrived just like a ray of sunshine after a huge thunderstorm.

2022, you were the “moment” of restart when the hope for growth took shape again and the world’s beliefs started to manifest around us as we all used to know and desire them. 

And although  you have not been easy “ to deal with either” with all the social and political movements around the world, you, Mr. 2022 brought our “good old type of joy and worries” back to our doorsteps.

From our FM24 perspective, we can state that 2022 was pure blast. 

Our universe of fashion got back on track, fashion weeks were more stunning than ever before, art got vocal again, beauty was visible both physically and digitally and people all around the globe reunited everywhere with a bigger pleasure and enthusiasm to network and bring great ideas to life.

Now, on the last day of 2022 here we are already making our list of resolutions for the upcoming 2023.

And although we could make the list very long, we will just resume it in our hearts to the essence that make the soil fertile for things to happen.

We just cannot wait to see as many great things, attend as many wonderful events, connect with as many talented people and grow our team bigger to bring even more beauty and creativity into your and our lives. 

We love all our fans, our readers, our partners and wish everybody a 2023 with fulfilments and happiness!
Happy New Year and see you all very soon !

Stay tuned on FM24 for more fashion, art,travel and lifestyle news !

The FM24 Team

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