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4 Jul

“Empty New York” by Luana Seu

Actress Luana Seu returned from her quarantine days in Florida to magnificent New York and, as promised, she has caught on camera for FM24 another side of the city that never sleeps….

One of the most vibrant places of the world, New York City took a small break from its tumultuous life and uncovered another side of its beauty – the calm and empty streets in lockdown.

As different as this view might seem for a place that is “awake” any hour from the day and night, New York took a time to reset aswell, like we all did during these times, and showed us that … it is a beautiful place no matter what.

Empty or full of people on the streets, we cannot wait to go back and visit it again!

Photos: Luana Seu www.luanaseu.com Agency: Etoiles Models Agency www.etoiles.ro @etoilesmodels Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 Location: New York City

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