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ART BASEL ’21 – It’s a wrap!
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11 Aug

The Changing Face of POKER FASHION

Fashion is a universal language that has always spoken instantly about everything that surrounds us – people, moods, situations, societies, work environments, life events, competitions, social status …. and the list can go on.

Fashion allows us to be ourselves, to make a statement of self and to feel good!

Whether you’re going to the mall, heading out for the night or simply entertaining friends, you choose an outfit that suits you. Your ensemble makes a statement: track pants around the home suggest you’re relaxed, whilst hitting the street at night clubbing necessitates a whole different approach.

Even if you are heading out to a casino to play poker, you can make a big statement about yourself. Often that is dictated by what others wear too, or rather what is in fashion. If people are all wearing smart suits that might be the choice you make, but with your own exciting twist.

Some casinos may dictate what you wear; some have a strict dress code. However, many do not, and even around the poker tables of the WSOP, you can find interesting fashion choices favored by poker professionals. Through time, those fashions have changed, so what should you be wearing if you’re heading out to play poker at a casino now?

Or, if you want to make a retro statement, what were poker players wearing 20 years ago? Or even 50? Here is a brief trip through some of the fashions of poker.


Credit: LasVegasVegas.com, Chris Ferguson 2, CC BY-SA 2.0

Poker has its roots in the Wild West, with images of dusty backrooms clouded in smoke as four or five serious dudes get down to a game. That is why a cowboy outfit, of sorts, has always been a solid choice for a hand of poker. We’re not talking fancy dress here, but a plaid shirt coupled with a cowboy hat was the image of choice for many players in the 20th century.

You can tailor this look if you intend on playing poker in a casino. You might start by choosing a studded leather jacket and T-shirt if you wish, but the all-important accessory is that hat. If in doubt, look up Chris Ferguson, a key figure in poker 20 years ago who added a contemporary twist to an American classic.

Sports Shirts

Credit: Photos by flipchip/LasVegasVegas.com, Huck seed, CC BY-SA 3.0

Watch any WSOP encounter from the poker boom era, and you’re likely to find somebody wearing a jersey featuring their favorite team. Hockey jerseys were popular, with top poker professional Dan Negreanu once saying: “Hockey jerseys had their place, but they don’t actually fit very well, especially on my skinny frame back then! They were comfortable, but I think once you hit 30, like the great Charles Barkley said, ‘It’s time to hang up the jerseys.'” Negreanu is a huge hockey fan and is by no means the only top player to make a statement around the felt – indeed, some such as Huck Seed do so with branded sports jerseys. They are less common now and shouldn’t be your ‘go to’ outfit for the casino.


Credit: Photo by flipchip/LasVegasVegas.com, Phil The Unabomber Laak, CC BY-SA 3.0

A hoodie is another great choice for a poker night at a casino, and if there’s no dress code, it might be your wisest choice. A hoodie is hugely versatile, with many fabrics and designs to suit you, from classic to contemporary streetwear, but crucially, they are also used for cloaking. Phil Laak is well known for sporting a hoodie, and by pulling the hood up over his head, he masks certain tells. It is harder to read a player when they’re covering their body, and a hoodie serves that purpose perfectly. You’ll see plenty of players sporting one these days, just hoping to gain a marginal advantage. For a casual player, it mixes comfort with a choice of styles and is a great pick for your visit to a gain a marginal advantage.

Article edit: Fashion Magazine 24 @fashionmagazine24

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