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22 Jun

The Face Mask – a future fashion item?

Today we open our ” Travel and Lifestyle “ section for our readers to celebrate in advance the restart of borders opening for worldwide travels, holidays, big events “preppings” and to make some brainstorming about the novelties brought by the past pandemic months.

Leaving aside the fact that the isolation period might have brought some new perspectives about ways of dealing with isolation life like self-care from all points of view, an intense activity on social media which has literally been the gateway towards people and entertainment, there have been the moments to add up new specific items in fashion and “enrich” your wardrobe with pieces nobody would have thought of considering as garment accessories.

Today we are going to focus our attention on a piece of “clothing” which represents a mandatory item for self protection nowadays : THE FACE MASK.

Coming from the medical equipment set for doctors and nurses, nowadays the surgical masks are the first to use for Covid-19 virus protection and it can be stated that literally any person on the planet will have at least one to utilize when going out of the house and interact with people for a while now.

And due to the fact that we all have to wear it daily, companies like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Gucci, Fendi and almost all well-known or emerging fashion brands have immediately put for sale face masks with their well-known logos or different artistic or fashionable patterns to match all wardrobes and personal dressing styles.

Therefore we must stop and think …is the face mask going to be the new must-have clothing piece that we might as well make it fashionable and beautiful or will we stick to the surgical ones to be worn solely in the hours when the social context requires it?

No clear answer can be given now for what the future brings, but for the time being we clearly confirm we all have a few at home and some of us prefer to adapt it to the personal wardrobe and “fashionably” embed it in the overall daily look.

Louis Vuitton – @louisvuitton
Shaleva – @shalevaparis
Shaleva – @shalevaparis
Bingyao Studio – @bingyao_studio
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