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6 Apr

COPERNI rare finds in LONDON


30th of March, 2023, London, United Kingdom – A trip to London is never a bad idea! As an old saying related to another big city of the world says.

Having been invited to the launch of new brand collections in London at this end of March, FM24 had the opportunity to spot amazing unique pieces among brands like Coperni, Ambush, Marni ready to hit your shopping cart and dressings in the near future.

This time we will offer our attention to one unique item by Coperni Paris, a fashion item that subtly combines archeology, design, and classical and primitive art.

The creation was released during the last Fashion Season as a part of the Fall/Winter 23 collection, by the two creative minds behind the brand, Arnauld Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer who keep surprising the world’s fashion scene with their minimalist and futuristic designs.

The item is the Mini Meteorite Swipe bag, a dark grey stone bag made from a lunar fossil, available in limited edition.

The specific meteorite featured in the photograph, is estimated to fell on Earth 55,000 years ago and is certified 100% authentic by Theatrum Mundi.

For those who wish to enrich their art and fashion collection, we have enclosed a few photos below with a few mentions added.

Each accessory piece is exclusively handmade, so the shape may vary slightly from the pictures below. The meteorite included in the bag will be individually sourced per each order and can come from various locations, depending on where the meteorite fell on Earth. The rare Stone is crafted by hand and incorporated into the bag by the Italian factory Semar.

It is a rare piece dedicated to those who are in love with a blend of art and fashion and although the budget needed to acquire the piece is considerable, its value will surely increase in time due to the story, uniqueness and authenticity of an object made in a limited edition.

Stay tuned on our website for more art, fashion, travel and lifetsyle news!

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