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10 Jan

FLYING SOLO store opening in New York

20th of December, 2019, New York City – While other traditional Retail Chains Such As Barneys And Henri Bendel are closing their doors, new retail model — Flying Solo Is Expanding Rapidly!

As the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar retail model continues to struggle, new retail models that combine membership and the sharing economy system like Flying Solo, where brands pay a flat membership fee and maintain all the profits from retail sales, are more and more prevalent in both Retail and Fashion. Flying Solo are consistently featured in magazines and publications such as Vogue, Elle, Fashion Magazine 24 and The NY Times while attracting celebrities like Cardi B and Gigi Hadid. 

On the 20th of December 2019, right before winter holidays season start, Flying Solo opened its newest 8,000 sq ft location, at 382 W Broadway in SoHo NYC. And from what the company is making public, there are more than 1,600 brands on the waiting list to join their membership ranks. The new three-level store will be featuring clothing, accessory and jewelry brands including Vivienne Westwood, United Nude, Coco and Breezy alongside some of the most promising brands in the industry.

“We’re excited, our waitlist and our partners are growing every day. We’re glad others are seeing Flying Solo’s model as the future as well”, said Elizabeth Solomeina co-founder of Flying Solo.

“Retail is a really tough industry right now and as traditional stores keep closing, it’s leaving brands and designers with fewer and fewer opportunities. There needed to be a new approach to retail with flexible delivery schedules, direct access to customers and gross profits going directly to brands. Brands are finally taking their destinies in their own hands instead and changing the landscape of luxury retail”

To celebrate the expansion of Flying Solo with their new brick-and-mortar store, the brand has invited buyers, magazine representatives, bloggers and collaborators to make a strong public statement. A celebration FM24 magazine was happy to attend! Cannot wait for the Flying Solo future projects and for their fashion week shows coming up soon.

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