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12 Oct

Catwalk Marathon – FASHION WEEK STUDIO

29th of September 2019, Paris – Fashion Week Studio  has amazed everybody with a real marathon of shows during Paris Fashion Week! With the stage set in Salon Vendôme of the illustrious Ritz Carlton – located at Place Vendôme, the very heart of fashion in Paris, Fashion Week Studio succeeded one more time to bring together no less than 18 designers from around the world who showcased their beautiful Spring/Summer 2020 collections in front of a large audience of fashionistas, bloggers, models, influencers, magazines, artists,etc.

The anticipation was high for what might have been to come, considering the formidable craft of each designer’s métiers; and unquestionably encompassed all expectations of the sartorial luminaries who permeated every row, for a full house, on the day of the event.

Such a major occasion called for a major audience. With PR in attendance from Fashion Magazine 24, NYLON magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Grazia Magazine, Pablo Starr – owner of FASHION WEEK ONLINE, and hundreds of big-name dignitaries from the sartorial universe: the Ritz Vendôme was the at the highest end of the must-see-place spectrum in Paris. Editors, buyers, eye-catching influencers flooded the seats all in pursuit to catch the prominence which were the looks of every showing label. This plentitude of notable guests set the tone for what was indisputably the event of the season. September 29th, Ritz Vendôme at Place Vendôme , was the epitome of raw design talent at its absolute best. International designers came fully prepared to introduce each of their prevailing modes of dress for the 2020 Spring Season.

Miriam Budet from Puerto Rico, Glaudi Hernandez from Los Angeles, Bruno Caruso originating in Italy, Odalys Marino from Cuba, Irene Angelopoulos from Greece, Zara Umrigar from Bombay and Bangalore, Nazarene Amictus inspired by ancient Roman clothing, Mirit Rodrig’s take on classy, Avant-Garde Shih-Yulin, the California – Texas designs of Trisha R Sherman, Authentic fur of BlackByMz, Denver designer of the year C.R.LEE, the Hispanic inspiration of Francisco Saez, the Spainard handmade creations of Vonlippe, Dovita Bridal Couture produced in Istanbul, the Australian creations of Azulant Akora, and Swiss Luxury of Anastasia Kiefer. This venue was a direct reflection of what emerged from the fashion industry on this day. A sumptuous array of long-legged models who devoured the runway with one ground-breaking design at a time made for an unequivocal showing presented by Fashion Week Studio Official. Nothing in the world of fashion is ever constant, save for the one certainty which we can fully apply to the day of the show – front row socialites, celebrities, and fashion aficionados will all attest to the grandiosity which this event truly was.

Let’s have a look at just a few runway moments captured on camera , bringing the splendor of all designs closer and the amazing feeling of this great event hosted by the one and only Fashion Week Studio.We cannot wait to see the wonderful surprises from next season!

Sponsors: Nina’s of Marie Antoinette for providing lovely teas, honeys, and jams, Weleda for the sweet Creams, Stacy Cookie Lounge for the amazing organic Fashion Week Studio Logo cookies, Les Fleurs C’est Lui for the flower arch, MAAP Makeup Art Academy for styling our model’s facial looks, Tripp charcoal infused makeup sponges, Aux Deux Caneles for the Caneles paired wonderfully with champagne, Bedlora Cosmetics , and lovely makeup sponsor, Sumori, for offering lipsticks.
Photographer: Frank Denis/Pretty Simple Images www.prettysimpleimages.com 

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